Saturday, October 31, 2009

sweet reminder by Linda M Montano














Sunday, October 25, 2009

Video Update

Nicole and I are switching parenting roles for the next 3 classes. I will go away on business while Nicole comes back to be facilitate the classes.

I've edited together some video of where our younger kids are at with collaborating and self directing. The video may seem a little over addressed but for sake of clarity I needed to point out some of the moments that occurred during this exercise which will hopefully help Nicole feel what happened that day. When handing 'my children', i automatically feel the need to over speak the obvious details. So bare with me, i'm a new parent.

We also have an older class, but unfortunately i ran out of memory so i couldn't record their work. They are in a very juicy place with writing scenes using personal stories and circumstances.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


We've been mastering the "MACHINE"

they love it

they're good at it

it's basic physical engagement

We're starting to formulate ~THE GRAND FINALE~ (which is the last day of classes when we share our work with parents and friends). The kids are starting to formulate what works for them, what they want to do, what is most honest for them to create and share...... lots of talk about zombies and monsters, "and then this happens, and then THIS happens!" the brainstorming continues. Enjoy the clip.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

okay so i guess i have to keep this going?

My trusty 'ol friend H. claims that I should now continue posting with updates. It makes sense, but I don't have any news / updates about the program, I tell H.

"Post anything not TFTNG related, post whatever it is you're working on, and use this space creatively as though "Theatre For The Next Generation" has a larger meaning than that which you first intended", says H.

Wise, i thought. So for the few who tune in, i will post updates, when i can, about news and creations and of my life (and Nicole's), though primarily of TFTNG.

The image above is an example of some of the little things I'm currently working on. That's a bike-dude who I've made to be in my new stop-motion animation/live-collaboration with Jay White ( I will now cover Bike-dude with plaster and add it to the pile of other mini props-o-plaster.

The premier of this short animation/live-collaboration will take place at some festival in Whitehorse, YT December 2009.......... stay tuned for more images.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Stuff For The Soul: TFTNG

Theatre For The Next Generation was created by Hazel and Nicole.  We take everything that we know and love about theatre and art, and apply it to program for children ages 6-12.  Now we're in our 3rd season of teaching and collaborating with kids - for kids -  and wanted to keep a blog to help parents, the public, friends, and strangers stay involved in our process. 

We love children and because we don't know what our future has in store for us, we thought at the very least, why not help guarantee that art and theatre remain important?  We are dedicated to provide children with a variety of learning skills that are designed to build a solid drama foundation and a strong sense of self.  

Together we practice compassion  and find depth through a hands on, physical, playful type of learning.  We encourage collaboration at an early age, nourishing your child's wisdom and inner silence to create and make art and theatre.  Our program changes and grows depending on who wants to learn, it is altered to fit and form to, blend and fold in with the minds and hearts of our collaborators / students / kids.    

TFTNG has been a continuing program at Britannia Community Centre (Vancouver, BC), and a one-time hit at Killarney Community Centre (Vancouver, BC).  We'd love to come to a community centre near you!

If you are a parent, who is looking to give their child the practice of artistic collaboration through theatre and drama outside of school, please leave a comment or email us at:


celebrate self-expression and confidence building 
capture the imagination and inspire creativity by teaching the concept of theatre as a means of storytelling. 
create theatre using a diverse range of elements (found and collected objects, music, mask making, physical theatre and character development)
make theatre that is important to themselves
work as an ensemble and collaborate in a safe and supportive environment to create an original piece of theatre

"thank you for teaching us to be brave"
Onomen & LaQuesta